You (the Owner) will receive a formal quotation via email after you submit your selections. Please read through these terms carefully as they state what items and costs are included in your quote:

1. All initial quotations are based on the original design and may require adjustment in consultation with the Owner only if requested by Council or the approving private certifier for compliance purposes.

2. The positioning & size of the dwelling will be subject to a final contour survey and council approval at the time of lodgement for assessment. Unless specifically itemised as included in your quote, additional requirements listed within the land 88B instrument document are not included or allowed for. Please issue a copy of the 88B instrument document when you upload your land plans or via email at [email protected]

3. Plumbing & drainage connections are included for connection up to 12m from the perimeter of the building. Concrete sewer encasements are not included. Water connection is priced to existing mains within boundary.

4. The storm water system is priced as draining to the street or an existing easement to the rear if available. Detention systems will attract additional costs if required by Council or any other authority or person. Building over or adjacent to sewer mains is not included unless specifically listed and priced in your quote.

5. No Allowances have been made for driveway, external steps, retaining walls or landscaping unless clearly itemised within your quotation. Additional costs relating to acoustics, bushfire or flooding are not included unless clearly itemised. It is the Owner’s responsibility to advise us of any restrictions on the land as noted in the 88B instrument or Title before signing the building agreement, otherwise the agreement will not include these items and the Owner is then responsible for any associated costs for these items. Examples include bushfire, flooding, acoustic, contaminated soil or sewer encasement.

6. Excavation of rock is not allowed for within your Quotation. Should rock be encountered on site then the Owner will be responsible for any additional building costs associated due to the presence of rock or shale that affect the construction of the home. A new quotation will be provided if rock is encountered for approval by the Owner first.

7. Additional engineering and compliance upgrades that have not been included in your quotation will be added to the building agreement as an essential upgrade change request at our website listed price. This change request will be in line with our publicly available prices listed on our website for you to approve before commencement of construction.

8. BASIX water & energy efficiency requirements will be applicable to this home. We have allowed for tank or street recycled water, fluorescent light fittings, AAA rated toilets, tapware and R1.5 & R2 insulation. These items normally enable most homes to comply, however should additional measures be required to pass BASIX, Sundancer Homes will add them to your building agreement as an essential upgrade change request at our website listed prices for you to approve before commencement of construction.

9. All trees within three metres of the proposed building footprint must be removed by the Owner. All roots must be completely removed and the hole backfilled with clean compactible fill compacted in 200mm layers to the original level of the block. Any other tree that is an obstacle to the building works either on site or on the council verge must also be removed by the Owner. If required, all demolition approvals and works are to be organised and paid for by the Owner including demolition and removal of buildings and structures, fences, paths, driveways, footings, concrete blocks/slabs, old bricks, pipes, piers, pools, landscaping, large rocks/boulders, old/buried vehicles and vehicle parts, buried rubble/waste from previous constructions including asbestos and any other hazardous materials.

10. Repairs and re-instatement of footpaths and front nature strip or verge is not included unless specifically itemised in and priced in the Quotation. Any damage not caused by the Builder (Sundancer Homes and/or Kaplan Construction & Development) will not be repaired or paid for by the Builder.

11. Your upcoming quote is also subject to Council or certifier & developer approval of the design and inclusions. Unless specifically noted as included, your quote will not include any items that may be required in order to meet the conditions of the 88B instrument or acoustic/bushfire reports associated with the land. Section 94 tax, Section 73, Sydney Water or subdivision fees & costs are not included. All utilities connection & usage fees to be paid by the Owner, including electrical, gas, phone, internet, water, sewer & council rates. The gas package is subject to gas mains being available at the street or front boundary. If council requests any refundable bond, this must be paid by the Owner to council, where council will then refund to the Owner at end of construction works. The quote will also be subject to the land estate design guidelines which may be changed over time by the developer.

12. Design changes and changes to colours & specifications not listed on this website are not offered by Sundancer Homes, this is due to our commitment to achieve the best price possible for our customers whilst producing great quality. Mixing & altering pre-set upgrade packages and inclusions is not offered by Sundancer Homes.

13. No allowances have been made for road closures or traffic control. This is generally not required in Greenfield developments. This may be required for building in established suburbs such as for Knock Down Rebuilds. If required then any road closures or traffic control and associated costs are to be paid for by the Owner.

14. Your upcoming quote does not form a contract or building agreement. No binding contractual rights or liabilities can arise between the Owner and Sundancer Homes or Kaplan Construction & Development until a formal Home Building Agreement has been entered into.

15. The commencement fee is only refundable after Sundancer Homes has assessed your land and determined that construction by Sundancer Homes and Kaplan Construction & Development is not feasible. In all other circumstances the commencement fee is non-refundable as work will start on putting your quotation together.

16. All prices include GST.