About Us

Where do you build?

We build on new land from North Western Sydney all the way down to Mossvale in the Southern Highlands as well as the Western suburbs of the Wollongong area.

We also build in Albury and its regional surrounding areas

See our build zone map available on the Where we Build Page.

Do you have a display home for me to visit? I would like to see the houses and options in person.

Yes you can visit our Display Homes page to see all our Display Homes and locations.

We also have a Indoor Display Centre with 2 full size homes inside and a showroom for you to experience 7 days a week.

Will you build on land that is not in a new housing estate?

If your land is within our build zones we may consider building there if your land is also approved for CDC (complying development compliance). You can find out by obtaining a 10.7 certificate from your local council.

If it not a brand new block of land there will be additional essential costs imposed by the councils requirements for stormwater design and maybe power supply.

Do you do knock down and rebuilds (KDR)?

Yes we do! Please contact us and speak with our building consultants. Knock down rebuilds are a bit more involved and require us to check your land in the initial stages, before going through our online building process. You can visit out Knock Down Rebuilds page for more information.

I have many questions, can I call and speak to someone directly?

Yes you can!

Our number is 1300 421 110 and we’re available to talk to you from 9am – 5pm 7 days a week.

Building a Home

How can you build good quality houses?

Our approach is driven by a disciplined and streamlined process, differentiating us from custom home builders. We minimise delays and unexpected costs by adhering to efficient construction methods and avoiding unnecessary floor plan changes, which in turn gets us onsite faster and the keys in your hands sooner.

We apply rigorous quality control processes throughout the build to ensure your home will be built to the standard that we are confident to offer a Lifetime Structural Guarantee for all our houses.

How long does it take to build a home?

It usually takes us 32 weeks for a single storey house and 36 weeks for a double storey. There is also a period of 8 to 12 weeks prior to construction starting where the council & certifier approvals process takes place.

This period is also used by customers to finalise their bank loans. We can move faster if you already have your finance sorted.

What is the fee to start the process once we accept the quotation?

There is a $500 commencement fee that enables us to start work. This commencement fee is included in your quotation and is non-refundable as it is payment for the work that goes into putting your quotation together.
The commencement fee is only refundable after Sundancer Homes has assessed your land and determined that construction by Sundancer Homes is not feasible.

Can you custom design a house for me?

Unfortunately we do not offer custom house design services. In order to keep our prices low, we keep our process as simple and as streamlined as possible. If you’d like house custom designed for you then we recommend that you look for an architect or another builder who can do this.

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

Absolutely not! Our pricing is fully transparent and the great thing about our home selection and customisation process is that you get to see exactly what you are paying for. We’ve done the work to price everything up for you to decide on the options to suit your budget.

You’re fully in control. Even the engineering & compliance items that may be essential on your land and you are not sure if applicable are priced up for you to see, this way you know exactly how much it may cost once you or we find out if they are applicable to your land.

What is a CDC building approval?

CDC stands for Complying Development Certificate and it is an alternative certificate of approval to build a new home via NSW State Legislation instead of your local council rules. If your land is eligible for this type of approval like most land in new subdivision estates, the approval to build process can often be completed within about three weeks if the design complies with all the rules and regulations of the state legislation. It is generally a private certifier that will assess the building plans and advise of any changes they may require before issuing the approval. CDC rules are the same throughout the state of NSW and although now becoming complex, they generally remain consistent. So if you are building in Rouse Hill north west of Sydney, the same rules apply to land in Campbelltown in the south western area of Sydney and in a different council area.

What is a DA approval?

DA stands for Development Application. Sundancer Homes will not build homes that require a DA simply because they are subjected to varying rules between suburbs and councils without any real consistency. His makes the home building process more expensive and unpredictable and leaves home owners at the mercy of councils and often many months waiting for an approval. Every council has a different set of rules to each other and they even have differing rules between streets and suburbs in their own council areas. If the development application if approved, then there is still a construction certificate to be applied for. The construction certificate provides approval for the technical aspects and specifications of the building.

Who oversees and manages the CDC process?

Sundancer Homes will manage this process and the cost is included within the quote. We will identify the best method that suits your home design and submit an application to either the council or a private certifier for CDC approval.