Yes, we do knock down & rebuilds!

Knock Down & Rebuild (KDR) is a great option when you want to live in a particular suburb that has no new land available or stay where you are but in a Brand New Sundancer Home with a Lifetime Structural Guarantee.

Contact our friendly and experienced building consultants and we can prepare a quotation for you that’s valid for 180 days.*

Some of the costs involved with a KDR build that are generally not required for new land estates are listed below.

We can inspect your land and define these costs for you in an itemised manner.

  • Reports and consultancy fees for additional services that your particular council requests and are normally not required on new land.
  • Small multiple load additional truck haulage due to large semi-trailers not being allowed to or not fitting in built up areas.
  • Deepened Edge beams and increase in concrete slab height to suit your particular council’s regulations.
  • Upgrade to stormwater drainage system due to councils’ additional requirements for older areas.
  • Detention system for stormwater drainage.
  • Sewer boundary traps or extensions along with existing sewer pegout and investigations to discover the exact location.
  • Supply and install of a metal power pole within your boundary to bring power into the site and redirect it underground along with communications conduit.
  • Traffic Control if required for your road or street.
  • LPGas plumbing and provisions if there is no natural gas available at your property.
  • Any other obstacles our site inspector picks up.

Many councils in NSW will charge a contribution tax called Section 7.11 for building a new home within their older and existing municipality.

This fee varies between councils and will be charged to you directly by your council usually at the time of your development approval. Sundancer Homes will not charge you this fee so it is best to contact your council directly to enquire whether the fee is applicable to you.

*Please see our Building Consultants for full Terms & Conditions.

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Knock Down Rebuilds

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